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Solar photo rates for planetary atmospheres and atmospheric pollutants
Unattenuated solar photo rate coefficients and excess energies for dissociation, ionization, and dissociative ionization are presented for atomic and molecular species that have been identified or
Synthesis of complex molecules in dense interstellar clouds via gas-phase chemistry: a pseudo time-dependent calculation
On presente un modele detaille pour la chimie en phase gazeuse des nuages interstellaires denses qui inclut, pour la premiere fois, des reactions qui produisent et qui detruisent un echantillon
First Polymer in Space Identified in Comet Halley
The heavy-ion mass spectrum obtained in the inner coma of comet Halley with the PICCA instrument on the Giotto spacecraft has been examined. Short polymer chains of polyoxymethylene and their decay
First Halley Multicolour Camera imaging results from Giotto
The first imaging results from the Halley Multicolour Camera (HMC) during the Giotto fly-by of comet Halley provide images centred on the brightest part of the inner coma which show the silhouette of
Molecular equilibrium with condensation. [in astrophysics]
Minimization of the Gibbs energy of formation for species of chemical elements and compounds in their gas and condensed phases determines their relative abundances in a mixture in chemical
Solar photo rate coefficients
Photo rate coefficients based on wavelength dependent solar photon flux at 1 AU heliocentric distance have been determined for atomic hydrogen, carbon, nitrogen, and oxygen, and for some molecules