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A Catalog of Neighboring Galaxies
We present an all-sky catalog of 451 nearby galaxies, each having an individual distance estimate D 10 Mpc or a radial velocity VLG -17.0, which contribute about 4% to the local luminosity density,
Where is the neutral atomic gas in Hickson groups
We have analyzed the total HI contents of 72 Hickson compact groups of galaxies (HCGs) and the detailed spatial distributions and kinematics of HI within a subset of 16 groups using the high angular
A General Catalog of HI Observations of Galaxies: The Reference Catalog
This dissertation aims to provide a history of quantitative quantification of the determinants of infectious disease in the United States from 1989 to 2002 and then investigates its origins as well as specific cases up to and including the year 2000.
The Extended H I Rotation Curve and Mass Distribution of M31
New H I observations of Messier 31 (M31) obtained with the Effelsberg and Green Bank 100 m telescopes make it possible to measure the rotation curve of that galaxy out to ~35 kpc. Between 20 and 35
The AMIGA sample of isolated galaxies: VIII. The rate of asymmetric HI profiles in spiral galaxies
(abridged) Measures of the HI properties of a galaxy are among the most sensitive interaction diagnostic at our disposal. We report here on a study of HI profile asymmetries (e.g., lopsidedness) in a
HI observations of nearby galaxies - I. The first list of the Karachentsev catalog
We present H i observations of the galaxies in the second list of the Karachentsev catalog of pre- viously unknown nearby dwarf galaxies (Karachentseva et al. 1999). This survey covers an area of
21-cm H I emission from the Damped Lyman-$\vec{\alpha}$ absorber SBS 1543+593
We detect 21-cm emission from the Low Surface Brightness (LSB) galaxy SBS 1543+593, which gives rise to a Damped-Lyα (DLyα) absorption line in the spectrum of the background QSO HS 1543+5921 (ze =
Studies of galaxies in voids. I. H I observations of Blue Compact Galaxies
We present here results of studies of the properties of galaxies located in very low density environments. We observed 26 blue compact galaxies (BCGs) from the Second Byurakan (SBS) and Case surveys
HI observations of nearby galaxies V. Narrow (HI) line galaxies
In this paper we present new HI observations with high velocity resolution for 104 nearby narrow-line galaxies with half power line widths smaller than 50 km s - 1 most of which are well approximated
Atomic gas far away from the Virgo cluster core galaxy NGC 4388 - A possible link to isolated star formation in the Virgo cluster?
We have discovered $6\times 10^{7}~M_{\odot}$ of atomic gas at a projected distance greater than 4 ' (20 kpc) from the highly inclined Virgo spiral galaxy NGC 4388. This gas is most probably