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Standard Methods for Sampling North American Freshwater Fishes
Standardization in industry, medicine and science has led to great advances. However, despite its benefits, freshwater fish sampling is generally unstandardized, or at most standardized locally.Expand
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Passive Capture Techniques
Passive capture techniques involve the capture of fishes or other aquatic animals by entanglement, entrapment, or angling devices that are not actively moved by humans or machines while the organismsExpand
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Inland Fisheries Management in North America
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A New Method to Compute Standard-Weight Equations That Reduces Length-Related Bias
Abstract We propose a new method for developing standard-weight (W s) equations for use in the computation of relative weight (W r) because the regression line–percentile (RLP) method often leads toExpand
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Fish Assemblages and Habitat Gradients in a Rocky Mountain–Great Plains Stream: Biotic Zonation and Additive Patterns of Community Change
Abstract We examined the importance of zonation and species additions in explaining longitudinal changes in the fish assemblage of a Rocky Mountain stream that descends onto the Great Plains ofExpand
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Yearling Greater Sage-Grouse Response to Energy Development in Wyoming
Abstract Sagebrush (Artemisia spp.)-dominated habitats in the western United States have experienced extensive, rapid changes due to development of natural-gas fields, resulting in localized declinesExpand
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Using Historical Data to Assess Changes in Wyoming’s Fish Fauna
If conservation efforts are to be implemented before a species becomes imperiled, population declines must be identified before that species becomes extremely rare. Historic survey data are moreExpand
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Status of Yellowstone Cutthroat Trout in Wyoming Waters
Abstract Most subspecies of interior cutthroat trout Oncorhynchus clarki have suffered dramatic declines in range and number. We assessed the status of genetically pure Yellowstone cutthroat trout O.Expand
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Snorkeling as an Alternative to Depletion Electrofishing for Estimating Abundance and Length-Class Frequencies of Trout in Small Streams
Abstract Trout counts and length-class frequencies determined by snorkeling were compared with estimates determined by electrofishing in 25 reaches of small (≤11-m wetted width) streams of theExpand
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An Alternative Approach to Detection of Length-Related Biases in Standard Weight Equations
Abstract We propose a new method for assessing length-related biases in standard weight (W s) equations computed by the regression-line−percentile method. We evaluated the performance of the newExpand
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