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Progressive statistics for studies in sports medicine and exercise science.
A more progressive resource for sample-based studies, meta-analyses, and case studies in sports medicine and exercise science is presented, and forthright advice on controversial or novel issues is offered. Expand
Measures of Reliability in Sports Medicine and Science
  • W. Hopkins
  • Computer Science, Medicine
  • Sports medicine
  • 1 July 2000
A wider understanding of reliability and adoption of the typical error as the standard measure of reliability would improve the assessment of tests and equipment in the authors' disciplines. Expand
Making meaningful inferences about magnitudes.
The authors use a more intuitive and practical approach based directly on uncertainty in the true value of the statistic, which deals with the real-world relevance of this uncertainty by taking into account values that are substantial in some positive and negative sense. Expand
A new view of statistics
Calibration Equation Categorical Modeling Chi-squared test Cluster Analysis Coefficient of Variation Defined Measure of reliability from log transformed data Complex Models Confidence Limits/IntervalExpand
Reliability of Power in Physical Performance Tests
The most reliable measures of power and the factors affecting reliability are identified to help exercise practitioners and researchers select or design good measures and protocols for tests of physical performance. Expand
A spreadsheet for deriving a confidence interval, mechanistic inference and clinical inference from a P value
A spreadsheet that uses the p value, the observed value of the effect and smallest substantial values for the effect to make two kinds of magnitude-based inference: mechanistic and clinical. Expand
Design and analysis of research on sport performance enhancement.
Assessment of research aimed at measuring performance enhancements that affect success of individual elite athletes in competitive events found that estimates of enhancement of performance in laboratory or field tests in most previous studies may not apply to elite athletesIn competitive events. Expand
Sea-Level Exercise Performance Following Adaptation to Hypoxia
It is concluded that natural LHTL currently provides the best protocol for enhancing endurance performance in elite and subelite athletes, while some artificial protocols are effective in subelites and erythropoietic and other physiological mediators provided little additional insight into mechanisms. Expand
Spreadsheets for Analysis of Validity and Reliability
This article consists of explanations and links to updated validity and reliability spreadsheets that were previously available at this site as non-reviewed draft versions. The validity spreadsheetExpand
Variability of competitive performance of distance runners.
  • W. Hopkins, D. Hewson
  • Psychology, Medicine
  • Medicine and science in sports and exercise
  • 1 September 2001
Repeated-measures analysis of log-transformed official race times provided the typical within-athlete variation in performance as coefficients of variation (CV), which indicated most of the differences in variability of race times probably arise from differences in competitive experience and attitude toward competing. Expand