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A comparison of suture repair with mesh repair for incisional hernia.
BACKGROUND Incisional hernia is an important complication of abdominal surgery. Procedures for the repair of these hernias with sutures and with mesh have been reported, but there is no consensusExpand
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Hybrid genotypes in the pathogenic yeast Cryptococcus neoformans.
Amplified fragment length polymorphism (AFLP) genotyping of isolates of the pathogenic fungus Cryptococcus neoformans suggested a considerable genetic divergence between the varieties C. neoformansExpand
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Immunophenotyping of blood lymphocytes in childhood. Reference values for lymphocyte subpopulations.
OBJECTIVE Immunophenotyping of blood lymphocytes is an important tool in the diagnosis of hematologic and immunologic disorders. Because of maturation and expansion of the immune system in the firstExpand
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Controlled Clinical Trial of Selective Decontamination for the Treatment of Severe Acute Pancreatitis
ObjectiveA randomized, controlled, multicenter trial was undertaken in 102 patients with objective evidence of severe acute pancreatitis to evaluate whether selective decontamination reducesExpand
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Classification of normogonadotropic infertility: polycystic ovaries diagnosed by ultrasound versus endocrine characteristics of polycystic ovary syndrome.
OBJECTIVE To investigate the predictive value of polycystic ovaries for endocrine signs of polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS). DESIGN Controlled descriptive study. SETTING Academic tertiary careExpand
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Fistula in ano: endoanal sonography versus endoanal MR imaging in classification.
PURPOSE To assess agreement between endoanal sonography, endoanal magnetic resonance (MR) imaging, and surgery in depiction and classification of fistula in ano. MATERIALS AND METHODS Twenty-eightExpand
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The natural course of non–classic Pompe’s disease; a review of 225 published cases
AbstractPompe’s disease is a neuromuscular disorder caused by deficiency of lysosomal acid α–glucosidase. Recombinant human α– glucosidase is under evaluation as therapeutic drug. In light of thisExpand
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Prospective study on the relationship between infections and multiple sclerosis exacerbations.
One of the characteristics of multiple sclerosis is the unpredictable occurrence of exacerbations and remissions. These fluctuations in disease activity are related to alterations in (auto-)immuneExpand
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Prognostic factors in adenocarcinoma of the uterine cervix.
OBJECTIVE To determine the behaviour of adenocarcinomas of the uterine cervix during the last 10 years in the southwest region of the Netherlands, and to determine prognostic factors. METHODS ThreeExpand
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Survival and prognostic indicators in hepatitis B surface antigen-positive cirrhosis of the liver.
To evaluate indications for new therapies such as liver transplantation and antiviral therapy, survival of histologically proven hepatitis B surface antigen (HBsAg)-positive cirrhosis of the liverExpand
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