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Algebraic Schemes in Legal Thought and in Everyday Morality
Legal thought may have unique value for cognitive science. A primary characteristic of legal thought is its focus on valuation and integration of evidence. Even simple cases typically involveExpand
Recompense as a factor in assigned punishment
Children's judgements of deserved punishment were studied as function of three moral variables. Subjects judged how much a child in a story should be punished for ruining another's stamps, givenExpand
Cognitions about friends’ opinions in moral information integration
The present study contributes to the unification of two major theories of moral judgment: Kohlbergs stage theory and Andersons theory of information integration. The subjects were told about theExpand
Integration of Kohlbergian information in punishment : Moral judgment
Une tâche nouvelle de jugement moral est proposee en vue de rapprocher l'approche classique du jugement moral, en termes de stades, et l'approche theorie de l'integration de l'information. Dans cetteExpand
[Validity of the portfolio theory in decision making of school children].
  • W. Hommers
  • Economics, Medicine
  • Zeitschrift fur Psychologie mit Zeitschrift fur…
  • 1976
[Measurement of delay of gratification in juvenile delinquents].
Everyday judgmental schemes for punishment and recompense
Harmdoers may be punished or required to give recompense for the harm. These modes of treatment may be used concurrently in the legal system and in everyday morality. In contrast, most psychologicalExpand