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J-PARC muon source, MUSE
Time-reversal symmetry-breaking superconductivity in heavy-fermion PrOs4Sb12 detected by muon-spin relaxation.
The results reveal the spontaneous appearance of static internal magnetic fields below the superconducting transition temperature, providing unambiguous evidence for the breaking of time-reversal symmetry in the superconductor state.
Development of elemental analysis by muonic X-ray measurement in J-PARC
Muon irradiation and muonic X-ray detection can be applied to non-destructive elemental analysis. In this study, in order to develop the elemental analysis by muonic X-ray measurement we constructed
Li(Zn,Mn)As as a new generation ferromagnet based on a I-II-V semiconductor.
This work shows successful synthesis of Li(1+y)(Zn(1-x)Mn(x))As in bulk materials, and theoretically proposed systems based on a I-II-V semiconductor LiZnAs, where isovalent (Zn,Mn) substitution is decoupled from carrier doping with excess/deficient Li concentrations.
Finite-size effect on Néel temperature in antiferromagnetic nanoparticles
Muon spin relaxation/rotation $(\ensuremath{\mu}\mathrm{SR})$ and magnetic susceptibility measurements were carried out on antiferromagnetic nanoparticles of CuO. Nanoparticles with center size of
Spin-Orbital Short-Range Order on a Honeycomb-Based Lattice
Ba3CuSb2O9, which is magnetically anisotropic at the atomic scale but curiously isotropic on mesoscopic length and time scales, is found to have a broad spectrum of spin-dimer–like excitations and low-energy spin degrees of freedom that retain overall hexagonal symmetry.
Materials and Life Science Experimental Facility at the Japan Proton Accelerator Research Complex IV: The Muon Facility
A muon experimental facility, known as the Muon Science Establishment (MUSE), is one of the user facilities at the Japan Proton Accelerator Research Complex, along with those for neutrons, hadrons,
Frustrated magnetism in the Heisenberg pyrochlore antiferromagnets A Yb 2 X 4 ( A = Cd , Mg; X = S , Se)
Our polycrystalline sample study on the Yb-based chalcogenide spinels $A{\mathrm{Yb}}_{2}{X}_{4}$ ($A=$ Cd, Mg; $X=$ S, Se) has revealed frustrated magnetism due to the antiferromagnetically coupled
The unconventional superconductivity of skutterudite PrOs4Sb12 : Time-reversal symmetry breaking and adjacent field-induced quadrupole ordering
This review presents a summary and evaluation of the experimental properties of unconventional superconductivity in PrOs 4 Sb 12 . After a brief introduction of filled skutterudites, we argue that