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OHSUMED: an interactive retrieval evaluation and new large test collection for research
A series of information retrieval experiments was carried out with a computer installed in a medical practice setting for relatively inexperienced physician end-users. Using a commercial MEDLINEExpand
TREC 2004 Genomics Track Overview
The TREC 2004 Genomics Track consisted of two tasks that focused on categorization of full-text documents, simulating the task of curators of the Mouse Genome Informatics (MGI) system and consisting of three subtasks. Expand
Overview of the TREC 2014 Clinical Decision Support Track
The focus of the 2014 track was the retrieval of biomedical articles relevant for answering generic clinical questions about medical records, using short case reports, such as those published in biomedical articles, as idealized representations of actual medical records. Expand
Research Paper: Reducing Workload in Systematic Review Preparation Using Automated Citation Classification
Whether automated classification of document citations can be useful in reducing the time spent by experts reviewing journal articles for inclusion in updating systematic reviews of drug class efficacy for treatment of disease is investigated. Expand
Barriers and drivers of health information technology use for the elderly, chronically ill, and underserved.
Of the studies that reported the impact of interactive consumer health IT on health outcomes, a consistent finding was that these systems tended to have a positive effect when they provided a complete feedback loop that included: Monitoring of current patient status. Expand
A survey of current work in biomedical text mining
The major challenge of biomedical text mining over the next 5-10 years will require enhanced access to full text, better understanding of the feature space of biomedical literature, better methods for measuring the usefulness of systems to users, and continued cooperation with the biomedical research community to ensure that their needs are addressed. Expand
TREC GENOMICS Track Overview
The first year of TREC Genomics Track featured two tasks: ad hoc retrieval and information extraction. Both tasks centered around the Gene Reference into Function (GeneRIF) resource of the NationalExpand
Why batch and user evaluations do not give the same results
Assessment of the TREC Interactive Track showed that while the queries entered by real users into systems yielding better results in batch studies gave comparable gains in ranking of relevant documents for those users, they did not translate into better performance on specific tasks. Expand
Overview of the TREC 2012 Medical Records Track
Top-performing groups each used some sort of vocabulary normalization device specific to the medical domain, supporting the hypothesis that language use within electronic health records is sufficiently different from general use to warrant domain-specific processing. Expand