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Radio channel characterization at 5.85 GHz for wireless M2M communication of industrial robots
The fourth industrial revolution, also referred to as Industrie 4.0, has triggered a number of research projects to improve communication systems for industrial environments. Expand
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Self-optimising Production Systems
One of the central success factors for production in high-wage countries is the solution of the conflict that can be described with the term “planning efficiency”. Expand
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Integration of Software Tools with Heterogeneous Data Structures in Production Plant Lifecycles
Abstract Today, most technical disciplines involved in the lifecycle of production plants process their tasks with software tools that establish their own data stocks. Thus, the correspondingExpand
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VascuTrainer: A Mobile and Disposable Bioreactor System for the Conditioning of Tissue-Engineered Vascular Grafts
In vitro tissue engineering of vascular grafts requires dynamic conditioning in a bioreactor system for in vitro tissue maturation and remodeling to receive a mechanically adequate and hemocompatibleExpand
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Innovative Benutzerschnittstellen für die Bedienpanels von Werkzeugmaschinen
Kurzfassung Die Maschinen-HMI für Mensch-Maschine-Interaktionen haben sich in den letzten Jahrzehnten nicht in der Form weiterentwickelt, wie z.B. im Bereich der IT oder Spieleindustrie. ZeitgleichExpand
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Cognitive Control Technology for a Self-Optimizing Robot Based Assembly Cell
In the face of global competition there is a great danger for countries with high labor costs (e.g. Germany) to lose more and more production plants to low-wage countries. Almost inevitably thereExpand
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SOAR-based sequence control for a flexible assembly cell
For a long time self-optimizing production systems have been proposed as a contribution to make production processes more adaptive while keeping them synchronized. Expand
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Cognition-Enhanced, Self-optimizing Production Networks
This research area focuses on the management systems and principles of a production system. It aims at controlling the complex interplay of heterogeneous processes in a highly dynamic environment,Expand
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A5G Architecture for the Factory of the Future
We state uses cases for using 5G in the factory of the future, which are motivated by actual needs of the industry partners of the “5Gang” consortium. Expand
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