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The imagery of Solon, Fr. 4 West (3 Gentili-Prato)
This article attempts to provide a close examination of the nature and impact of the images in Solon's Fr. 4 W. The images discussed are the 'foundations of Justice' (14-15), 'the unavoidable wound',Expand
What Is Good Music
Introduction From later prose writings on the ancient Greek symposion (for example, Plato's Symposion, Xenophon's Symposion and Athenaeus' Deipnosophistai) one gains the general impression that theExpand
John Ruskin's Political Economy
Chapter one: Reason, Rhetoric and John Ruskin Chapter two: Why read Ruskin on political Economy? l Chapter three: Ruskin on Economic Agency Chapter four: Xenephon, Ruskin and Economic ManagementExpand
Literature, Art, History: Studies on Classical Antiquity and Tradition in Honour of W. J. Henderson
In this volume thirty new studies have been specially commissioned from scholars in seven countries to treat key texts and cultural phenomena from the Homeric age to the medieval period. A wideExpand
Corinna of Tanagra on poetry
This mythical material is almost exclusively Boeotian, 1 survives in most cases only as titles or names, or offers details unknown to us from other sources.'2 There is, however, another theme thatExpand
The iambic epigrams of Palladas of Alexandria
Epigrammatic verse was predominantly composed in elegiac couplets; the reader of the iambic epigrams of Palladas of Alexandria (4th century CE) is therefore confronted by a mixing of genres. TheExpand
Pilgrims in Prudentius' Peristephanon
Abstract Pilgrims play a central role in many religions. Their part in the cult of the Christian martyrs is no exception. They appear on the scene in the early third century and are represented in anExpand
The Orchestra and Orchestral Music