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Improving the Accuracy of Camber Predictions for Precast Pretensioned Concrete Beams
The discrepancies between the designed and measured camber of precast pretensioned concrete beams (PPCBs) observed by the Iowa Department of Transportation (Iowa DOT) have created challenges in theExpand
A Rational Parameterization of Evaporation from Dry, Bare Soil
The evaporation of water from bare soil changes in mechanism as well as in magnitude as the surface dries. This evaporation proceeds in three stages, the third of which has a mechanism completelyExpand
Enhancing interfacial contact in all solid state batteries with a cathode-supported solid electrolyte membrane framework
To address the challenge of interfacial contact between the solid electrolyte and electrode with a cost-efficient solution, we demonstrate a novel cathode-supported solid electrolyte membraneExpand
Protective effect of total phenylethanoid glycosides from Monochasma savatieri Franch on myocardial ischemia injury.
Results suggested that TPG from Monochasma savatieri Franch might be developed as new natural medicine or food additives with effects of prevention of coronary artery disease due to its significant antioxidant activity. Expand
Polarization properties of a corner-cube retroreflector with three-dimensional polarization ray-tracing calculus.
The diattenuation and retardance of the corner-cube retroreflector (CCR) for all six different ray paths are calculated, and the relationships to the tilt angle and the tilt orientation angle are shown. Expand
Solar light assisted green synthesis of photoreduced graphene oxide for the high-efficiency adsorption of anionic dyes
Graphene oxide (GO) with unique physical and chemical properties, such as high specific surface area, chemical stability and environmental friendliness, has been considered as an excellent adsorbentExpand
Cyclopentapeptides from Dianthus chinensis
A new cyclopentapeptide dianthin I (1), together with two known ones pseudostellarin A (2) and heterophyllin J (3), was isolated from the aerial parts of Dianthus chinensis. The structure of 1 wasExpand
An Hts Filter Subsystem for 800MHz Mobile Communication System
In this paper, we present a high temperature superconducting (HTS) Filter subsystem, which consists of a 14-pole HTS filter, a low noise amplifier (LNA), a Stirling Cooler and an electronic controlExpand
A novel phenolic acid from the fruits of Rosa soulieana
From the n-BuOH-soluble fraction of a MeOH extract of the fruits of Rosa soulieana, one new phenolic glucoside (1) was isolated along with five known compounds, comprising two lignin glycosides, twoExpand
Design and performance of a compact forward-coupled HTS microstrip filter for a GSM system
A practical design technique for a compact forward-coupled microstrip bandpass filter structure is introduced based on a computer-aided simulation and optimization software TUMIC. The structureExpand