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Sponge-feeding fishes of the West Indies
In an analysis of the stomach contents of 212 species of West Indian reef and inshore fishes, sponge remains were found in 21 species. In eleven of these, sponges comprised 6% or more of the stomachExpand
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Natural history of the marine sponges of southern New England
vii PREFACE ix I. SYSTEMATIC STUDIES 1 Previous work 1 List of Demospongiae described from southern New England 3 Descriptions of species 3 Suberites ficus (Johnston) Schmidt 3 Cliona celata Grant 16Expand
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Sponge: Effect on the Form of Reef Corals
The sponge, Mycale laevis, when encrusting the lower surfaces of flattened reef corals, induces marked peripheral folding of the host colonies. This relationship, though facultative, has advantagesExpand
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Recent Brachiopod-Coralline Sponge Communities and Their Paleoecological Significance
Brachiopods and coralline sponges are the dominant taxa of a series of parallel pantropical communities found in cryptic habitats of Recent coral reefs, where these organisms may cover almost theExpand
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A Re-examination of Bidder's Classification of the Calcarea
L VI (1953, 1956, 1957) has suggested a new classification of the Class Demospongiae in which the importance of embryological characteristics is stressed. He presents evidence for a diphyletic originExpand
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A Pacific tabulate sponge, living representative of a new order of sclerosponges
A new sclerosponge, Acanthochaetetes wellsi, with a calcitic skeleton made up of contiguous vertical tabulate calicles ornamented within by vertical rows or irregular clumps of spines is describedExpand
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New genera and species of coralline sponges (Porifera) from Jamaica
Three new genera including four new species of coralline sponges from Jamaica are described. The sponges are characterized by a compound skeleton of aragonite, siliceous spicules and organic fibrousExpand
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Form and Distribution of Silica in Sponges
Opaline sclerites, spicules composed of hydrated silica, comprise all or part of the skeleton of three of the extant classes of the phylum Porifera, namely, the Demospongiae, Sclerospongiae, andExpand
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Sclerosponges: Primary framework constructors on the Jamaican deep fore-reef
Disclosed is an electron-voltaic semiconductor power source comprising a semiconductor body with a PN junction terminating in a passivated channel on one surface of the device. A radioactive sourceExpand
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