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Tunneling spin injection into single layer graphene.
Investigating ΔR(NL) vs SLG conductivity from the transparent to the tunneling contact regimes demonstrates the contrasting behaviors predicted by the drift-diffusion theory of spin transport.
Role of transparency of platinum–ferromagnet interfaces in determining the intrinsic magnitude of the spin Hall effect
The spin Hall effect induces spin currents in nonmagnetic layers, which can control the magnetization of neighbouring ferromagnets. The transparency of the interface is shown to strongly influence
Graphene spintronics.
The experimental and theoretical state-of-art concerning spin injection and transport, defect-induced magnetic moments, spin-orbit coupling and spin relaxation in graphene are reviewed.
Spin relaxation in single-layer and bilayer graphene.
Graphene spin relaxation in graphene spin valves is investigated and strongly contrasting behavior for single-layer graphene (SLG) and bilayer graphene (BLG) is observed, which indicates the dominance of Dyakonov-Perel spin relaxation at low temperatures.
Enhanced spin–orbit torques by oxygen incorporation in tungsten films
While the incorporation of oxygen into the tungsten films leads to significant changes in their microstructure and electrical resistivity, the large spin Hall angles measured are found to be remarkably insensitive to the oxygen-doping level (12–44%).
Electronic doping and scattering by transition metals on graphene
We investigate the effects of transition metals (TM) on the electronic doping and scattering in graphene using molecular-beam epitaxy combined with in situ transport measurements. The
Giant facet-dependent spin-orbit torque and spin Hall conductivity in the triangular antiferromagnet IrMn3
This work identifies two distinct mechanisms that contribute to θSHeff: the first mechanism, which is facet-independent, arises from conventional bulk spin-dependent scattering within the IrMn3 layer, and the second intrinsic mechanism is derived from the unconventional antiferromagnetic structure of IrN3.
Magnon Transport in Quasi-Two-Dimensional van der Waals Antiferromagnets
Observations of long-distance magnon transport---the propagation of quantized spin waves---demonstrate that 2D van der Waals magnets could provide a platform for information and computing
Growth of atomically smooth MgO films on graphene by molecular beam epitaxy
We investigate the growth of MgO films on graphene by molecular beam epitaxy and find that surface diffusion promotes a rough morphology. To reduce the mobility of surface atoms, the graphene surface
Electrical detection of spin precession in single layer graphene spin valves with transparent contacts
Spin accumulation and spin precession in single layer graphene are studied by nonlocal spin valve measurements at room temperature. The dependence of the nonlocal magnetoresistance on electrode