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Corneal Oxygen Distribution With Contact Lens Wear
Purpose: Since 1991, multilayer mathematical in vivo oxygenation models have been created to predict normal corneal oxygenation with contact lens wear. From these models, there have been assertionsExpand
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Studies of the hydrogen held by solids: XVIII. Hydrogen and oxygen chemisorption on alumina- and zeolite-supported platinum
The chemisorption of H2 and of O2 on Pt particles, supported on alumina, was studied. Measurements made following sintering at successively higher temperatures showed that the H2 chemisorption valuesExpand
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Lipid intolerance does not account for susceptibility to alcoholic and gallstone pancreatitis.
BACKGROUND/AIMS Hypertriglyceridemia is an established cause of pancreatitis and has been suggested as a predisposing factor in alcohol and gallstone-induced pancreatitis. The aims of this study wereExpand
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Studies of the Fischer--Tropsch Synthesis. V. Activities and Surface Areas of Reduced and Carburized Cobalt Catalysts
The surface of a catalyst used in the synthesis was found to be heavily covered with hydrocarbon. Hydrogenation at 200/sup 0/ removed 90 percent of these adsorbed hydrocarbons, and reduction withExpand
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ESCA study of "model" allyl-based molybdenum/silica catalysts
Stoichiometric redox measurements and X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy (XPS or ESCA) studies were performed on an allyl-based Mo/SiO[sub 2] catalyst (1.7 wt % Mo) obtained by the sublimation ofExpand
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Alpha 1 antitrypsin phenotypes and alcoholic pancreatitis.
Altered frequencies of alpha 1 antitrypsin phenotypes have been reported in patients with chronic pancreatitis, suggesting a possible genetic basis for individual susceptibility to this disease.Expand
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Carditis: All Helicobacter pylori or Is There a Role for Gastro-oesophageal Reflux?
Background: Recent epidemiological studies have reported a threefold increase in the incidence of adenocarcinoma of the lower oesophagus and gastro-oesophageal junction (cardia). There areExpand
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Studies of the Hydrogen Held by Solids. XVI. Infrared Spectroscopy of X- and Y-type Zeolites Containing Univalent and Divalent Cations
Abstract The IR spectra of Linde X- and Y- type zeolites, charge-balanced with different monovalent and divalent cations, were examined in the OH and NH regions after evacuation at variousExpand
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On the genesis of molybdena-alumina catalyst
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