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Biochemical Diversity among the 1-Amino-cyclopropane-1-Carboxylate Synthase Isozymes Encoded by the Arabidopsis Gene Family*
1-Amino-cyclopropane-1-carboxylate synthase (ACS, EC is the key enzyme in the ethylene biosynthetic pathway in plants. The completion of the Arabidopsis genome sequence revealed theExpand
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Speciation of Campylobacter coli, C. jejuni, C. helveticus, C. lari, C. sputorum, and C. upsaliensis by Matrix-Assisted Laser Desorption Ionization-Time of Flight Mass Spectrometry
ABSTRACT Multiple strains of Campylobacter coli, C. jejuni, C. helveticus, C. lari, C. sputorum, and C. upsaliensis isolated from animal, clinical, or food samples have been analyzed byExpand
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Leucosulfakinin, a sulfated insect neuropeptide with homology to gastrin and cholecystokinin.
A sulfated, myotropic neuropeptide termed leucosulfakinin (Glu-Gln-Phe-Glu-Asp-Tyr(SO3H)-Gly-His-Met-Arg-Phe-NH2) was isolated from head extracts of the cockroach Leucophaea maderae. The peptideExpand
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Leucosulfakinin-II, a blocked sulfated insect neuropeptide with homology to cholecystokinin and gastrin.
A sulfated neuropeptide [pGlu-Ser-Asp-Asp-Tyr(SO3H)-Gly-His-Met-Arg-Phe-NH2], with a blocked N-terminus and related to the undecapeptide leucosulfakinin, has been isolated from head extracts of theExpand
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Formation of cyclic adducts of deoxyguanosine with the aldehydes trans-4-hydroxy-2-hexenal and trans-4-hydroxy-2-nonenal in vitro.
trans-4-Hydroxy-2-hexenal (t-4HH), a reactive metabolite isolated from the pyrrolizidine alkaloid senecionine, and trans-4-hydroxy-2-nonenal (t-4HN), a product of lipid peroxidation, reactedExpand
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C-Glycosylflavones from Zea mays that inhibit insect development
Abstract A new C-glycosylflavone isolated from corn silk inhibits the growth and development of the corn earworm, Heliothis zea. This new compound was shown to be a 2″-O-α- lExpand
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Potent Bacterial Mutagens Produced by Chlorination of Simulated Poultry Chiller Water
Hypochlorite treatment of a simulated food-processing mixture produces 3,4-dichloromaleimide and 3,3-dichloro-4-(dichloromethylene)-2,5-pyrrolidinedione (C5HCl4NO2). The tetrachloro compound and twoExpand
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Leads for insect neuropeptide mimetic development.
Insect neuropeptides mediate a number of physiological processes critical for insect survival. The numerous neuropeptide sequences that have been reported present an opportunity to decipher theExpand
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