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An analysis of Eemian climate in Western and Central Europe
On the basis of 31 pollen diagrams and additional data for botanical macrofossils an analysis is made of the Last Interglacial (Eemian) climatic history in Western and Central Europe. The main toolExpand
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The Netherlands during the Tertiary and the Quaternary: A case history of Coastal Lowland evolution
The Netherlands and the adjoining southern region of the North Sea form part of a subsiding area with a complicated tectonic and sedimentary history. This area was either a shallow sea or a coastalExpand
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The beginning of the Ice Age in Europe and its major subdivisions
Abstract The time range of the Quaternary is discussed in terms of the view that this period is essentially the one in the Earth's history in which during certain intervals inland ice developed inExpand
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Reconstruction of climate change during the Holocene in western and central Europe based on pollen records of indicator species
On the basis of distribution maps showing the first pollen occurrences in the Holocene of the well-known climate indicators Hedera, Ilex and Viscum as well as data for Corylus, a series of maps haveExpand
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Early and early Middle Pleistocene correlations in the Southern North Sea basin
Abstract On April 8, 1988 a discussion meeting took place at Norwich with the aim of establishing correlations of the Early and Middle Pleistocene stages across the southern North Sea. On the basisExpand
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Vegetation and climate during warmer intervals in the Late Pleistocene of western and central Europe
Abstract Many warmer intervals occurred during the last interglacial-glacial cycle (130-10 ka) in Europe. The vegetational record shows several types of such intervals, among which the forest periodsExpand
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A macroflora of Holsteinian age from the northern part of the Netherlands
Abstract Fossil plant remains from fluviatile beds of late Holsteinian age are reported from Uitwellingerga near Sneek, province of Friesland, The Netherlands. Interesting finds are PiceaExpand
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