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125I-labelled d(CH2)5[Tyr(Me)2,Thr4,Tyr-NH2(9)]OVT: a selective oxytocin receptor ligand.
An oxytocic antagonist, [1-(beta-mercapto-beta, beta-cyclopentamethylenepropionic acid,2-O-methyltyrosine,4-threonine, 8-ornithine,9-tyrosylamide]vasotocin (d(CH2)5[Tyr(Me)2, Thr4,Tyr-NH2(9)]OVTExpand
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Vasopressin antagonists allow demonstration of a novel type of vasopressin receptor in the rat adenohypophysis.
The ligand specificity of rat adenohypophyseal vasopressin receptors was directly compared to that of peripheral receptors of the V1 and V2 types. For this purpose a series of 15 recently designedExpand
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Discovery, development, and some uses of vasopressin and oxytocin antagonists.
The past decade has witnessed an astonishing resurgence of interest in the neurohypophysial peptides oxytacin and vasopressin. The availability of antagonists for vasopressin and oxytocin has been aExpand
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Renal adaptations by Opsanus tau, a euryhaline aglomerular teleost, to dilute media.
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Solid-phase synthesis of 16 potent (selective and nonselective) in vivo antagonists of oxytocin.
We describe the synthesis and some pharmacological properties of 16 new in vivo antagonists of oxytocin. These are based on modifications of three peptides: A, B, and C. A is our previously reportedExpand
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Neural Influences on Bullfrog Renal Functions
Abstract The present investigations suggest that α-adrenergic mechanisms may be involved in the control of glomerular and tubular functions of bullfrog kidneys. Hypothalamic lesions did notExpand
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The pattern of pharmacological activities in the chicken ncurohypophysis has been studied and described. These activities correspond to those of a mixture of oxytocin and arginine vasotocin, anExpand
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Synthesis and some pharmacological properties of potent and selective antagonists of the vasopressor (V1-receptor) response to arginine-vasopressin.
We report the solid-phase synthesis of eight position-9-modified analogues of the potent V1-receptor antagonist of arginine-vasopressin, [1-(beta-mercapto-beta,beta-pentamethylenepropionicExpand
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