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Remnants of an ancient forest provide ecological context for Early Miocene fossil apes.
The lineage of apes and humans (Hominoidea) evolved and radiated across Afro-Arabia in the early Neogene during a time of global climatic changes and ongoing tectonic processes that formed the East
Tissue ergothioneine.
Metabolism of methyllabeled S-methylcysteine in the rat.
Biosynthesis of streptomycin. 3. Origin of the carbon atoms of streptose.
Examination of the isotope distribution data for the 6 carbons of streptose after administration of the above labeled compounds to the organism shows that strePTose arises from a carbon-carbon rearrangement at carbon atoms 3 and 4 of glucose to form the branched sugar, streptOSE.
The biological formation of sarcosine.
The determination of calcium in biologic material.
  • W. H. Horner
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    The Journal of laboratory and clinical medicine
  • 1955
Biosynthesis of streptomycin. IV. Further studies on the biosynthesis of streptidine and N-methyl-L-glucosamine.
Evidence is presented that S. griseus synthesizes myo-inositol from d-glucose and that the organism interconverts myo, inositol and scyllo-Inositol, which support a mechanism involving multiple inversion of the asymmetrical carbon atoms of d- glucose to from the l-sugar.