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Small shelly fossils and trace fossils near the Precambrian-Cambrian boundary in the Yukon Territory, Canada
In the past an ‘explosion’ in diversity and abundance of small shelly fossils and of trace fossils has served to mark the base of the Cambrian. However, no evidence has been presented to prove thatExpand
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The status of Salterella as a Lower Cambrian index fossil
In the North American Cordillera there is strong evidence that Salterella is restricted to the medial part of the Bonnia–Olenellus Zone. Reported younger and older occurrences are attributed toExpand
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Lower and Early Middle Cambrian Formations near Mount Robson, British Columbia and Alberta
Five formations and part of a sixth were examined in order to resolve conflicting reports as to their age and lateral relationship. The formations are redescribed at their type sections and equival...
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