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IN the account in Nature of May 26, p. 802, of the recent discussion on dipole moments held at Oxford by the Faraday Society, reference is made to the probable linearity of the arrangement of the(More)
IT is not at all difficult to measure the ionisation produced by the radiation reflected by crystals, as indeed Prof. Barkla has already suggested. Using a sheet of mica and a pencil of a few(More)
THE Institution of Electrical Engineers and the Royal Institution are combining to commemorate, in September next, the centenary of Faraday's discovery of electromagnetic induction, and in connexion(More)
International Tables for X-ray Crystallography. General Editor: Dame Kathleen Lonsdale — The fifty years which have elapsed since the discovery of X-ray diffraction by crystals have witnessed the(More)
IT is, of course, true that my letter (dated June 5) to which Dr. Barkla refers was written before I had had the opportunity of studying Dr. Barkla's latest results. A portion of my argument was(More)