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Theory and Practice of Pile Foundations
Pile foundations play an essential role in many structures, therefore it is vital that they be designed with the utmost reliability. The cost of failure is potentially huge. Covering a whole range ofExpand
Load transfer approach for laterally loaded piles
A two-parameter model has been proposed previously for predicting the response of laterally loaded single piles in homogenous soil. A disadvantage of the model is that at high Poisson's ratio,Expand
Simple Model for Nonlinear Response of 52 Laterally Loaded Piles
  • W. Guo
  • Materials Science
  • 1 February 2013
AbstractThe response of a laterally loaded pile is normally dominated by the limiting force per unit length profile (LFP, pu) mobilized along the pile to the depth of the plastic zone (e.g., maximumExpand
Simplified Boundary Element Method for Kinematic Response of Single Piles in Two-Layer Soil
A simple approach to predict the elastic, kinematic pile bending during harmonic or transient excitation for a circular pile using the soil-displacement-influence coefficients, which employs the spring constant in the BDWF to consider the pile-soil interaction. Expand
On limiting force profile, slip depth and response of lateral piles
Abstract A wealth of numerical analyses have been performed for lateral piles using finite difference, boundary element, and finite element methods, etc. Their essence, especially for a free-headExpand
SUMMARY Analytical methods for the axial responses of piles can be classified under three broad categories of (1) simple but approximate analytical solutions, (2) one-dimensional numericalExpand
  • W. Guo
  • Engineering
  • 1 February 2000
The available closed-form solutions for vertically loaded piles have been, strictly speaking, limited to homogeneous soil, or nonhomogeneous soil with the shear modulus as a power of depth. TheExpand
Behavior of Axially Loaded Pile Groups Subjected to Lateral Soil Movement
Response of a pile due to lateral soil movement and axial load has been investigated extensively by the authors. Typical results deduced from single pile tests in sand are presented previously inExpand
Thrust and bending moment of rigid piles subjected to moving soil
An experimental apparatus was developed to investigate the behaviour of vertically loaded free-head piles in sand undergoing lateral soil movement (wf). A large number of tests have been conducted toExpand
Nonlinear response of laterally loaded rigid piles in sand
This paper investigates nonlinear response of 51 laterally loaded rigid piles in sand. Measured response of each pile test was used to deduce input parameters of modulus of subgrade reaction and theExpand