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A High-Performance, Portable Implementation of the MPI Message Passing Interface Standard
MPI (Message Passing Interface) is a specification for a standard library for message passing that was defined by the MPI Forum, a broadly based group of parallel computer vendors, library writers,Expand
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Efficient Management of Parallelism in Object-Oriented Numerical Software Libraries
Parallel numerical software based on the message passing model is enormously complicated. This paper introduces a set of techniques to manage the complexity, while maintaining high efficiency andExpand
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Optimization of Collective Communication Operations in MPICH
We describe our work on improving the performance of collective communication operations in MPICH for clusters connected by switched networks. For each collective operation, we use multipleExpand
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Using MPI: portable parallel programming with the message-passing interface, 2nd Edition
The complex mr these include parallel computers. The volume also includes material on the initial mpi functionality added by book. The volume also a completely up to the authors' introduction basic.Expand
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Data sieving and collective I/O in ROMIO
The I/O access patterns of parallel programs often consist of accesses to a large number of small, noncontiguous pieces of data. If an application's I/O needs are met by making many small, distinctExpand
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Using MPI-2: Advanced Features of the Message Passing Interface
From the Publisher: The Message Passing Interface (MPI) specification is widely used for solving significant scientific and engineering problems on parallel computers. There exist more than a dozenExpand
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On implementing MPI-IO portably and with high performance
We discuss the issues involved in implementing MPI-IO portably on multiple machines and file systems and also achieving high performance. One way to implement MPI-IO portably is to implement it onExpand
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MPICH2: A New Start for MPI Implementations
  • W. Gropp
  • Computer Science
  • 29 September 2002
This talk will describe MPICH2, an all-new implementation of MPI designed to support both MPI-1 and MPI-2 and to enable further research into MPI implementation technology. To achieveExpand
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User's Guide for mpich, a Portable Implementation of MPI Version 1.2.2
MPI (Message-Passing Interface) is a standard specification for message-passing libraries. mpich is a portable implementation of the full MPI specification for a wide variety of parallel andExpand
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Using MPI - portable parallel programming with the message-parsing interface
This book offers a thoroughly updated guide to the MPI (Message-Passing Interface) standard library for writing programs for parallel computers. Since the publication of the previous edition of UsingExpand
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