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The Asian Monetary Fund Reborn?: Implications of Chiang Mai Initiative Multilateralization
Relations at Boston University, and a Research Associate of the National Asia Research Program. He is the author of Currency and Contest in East Asia: The Power Politics of Financial RegionalismExpand
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Japan Confronts the Global Economic Crisis
In the face of the global economic crisis of 2008–09, Japan has played a positive role in helping to stabilize the regional and global financial systems. Among the positive actions it has taken haveExpand
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Leaving the Nest: The Rise of Regional Financial Arrangements and the Future of Global Governance
This article examines the impact of regional financial arrangements (RFAs) on the global liquidity regime. It argues that the design of RFAs could potentially alter the global regime, whether byExpand
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East Asian Financial Regionalism in Support of the Global Financial Architecture? The Political Economy of Regional Nesting
  • W. Grimes
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  • Journal of East Asian Studies
  • 1 September 2006
East Asian financial regionalism has advanced significantly since the rejection of Japan's Asian Monetary Fund proposal in 1997. Key ASEAN+3 initiatives include the Chiang Mai Initiative, which isExpand
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The future of regional liquidity arrangements in East Asia: lessons from the global financial crisis
Abstract The global financial crisis of 2008–09 presented a critical challenge to East Asian regional financial cooperation. Over a decade of efforts to reduce regional vulnerability to financialExpand
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International remittance rails as infrastructures: embeddedness, innovation and financial access in developing economies
Abstract Remittances to developing economies constitute one of their most important and consistent forms of capital inflow, but have long been limited by costs and risks associated with trans-borderExpand
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Japan’s Fiscal Challenge: The Political Economy of Reform
The year 2011 was an annus horribilis for Japan. The Tohoku earthquake, tsunami, and subsequent nuclear crisis were of course by far the worst of events of a bad year, but there was plenty of badExpand
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