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Age and provenance of basement rocks of the Chatham Islands: An outpost of Zealandia
Abstract Rb‐Sr metamorphic and U‐Pb detrital zircon ages are reported for basement metasediments and cover sandstones of the Chatham Islands. Rb‐Sr metamorphic ages of the Chatham Schist are 180–198Expand
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Ascorbic acid is catabolized to yield oxalate from carbon atoms 1 and 2 (1, 2) and carbon dioxide from carbon atom 1 in man as well as in other species (3-5). It has also been shown thatExpand
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Cultivation of a Duboisia Hybrid. Part B. Alkaloid Variation in a Commercial Plantation: Effects of Seasonal Change, Soil Fertility, and Cytokinins
Hybrid plants of Duboisia myoporoides R. Br. and D. leichhardtii F. Muell., grown in a commercial plantation, were monitored for the major alkaloids, hyoscine and hyoscyamine. In the early monthsExpand
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Microwave pasteurisation of prepared meals
Abstract Pasteurising ready-to-eat meals in their retail packaging extends their shelf life. Temperatures above 80°C are required to pasteurise a wide variety of products. The ability of microwaveExpand
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Validation of EXNUT for Scheduling Peanut Irrigation in North Carolina1
Abstract During crop years 1989-1992 EXNUT concepts and a version of EXNUT modified for North Carolina conditions were evaluated. This version was revised and evaluated on 20-25 peanut fields duringExpand
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The Effect of Carbon Dioxide Concentratioin, light Intensity and Isonicotinyl Hydrazide on the Photosynthetic Production of Glycollic Acid by Chlorella
Abstract : Glycollic acid production by Chlorella was measured by colorimetric determination of the acid excreted into the medium. Glycollic acid production was at a maximum at a low concentration ofExpand
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The Effect of Isonicotinyl Hydrazide on the Photosynthetic Incorporation of Radioactive Carbon Dioxide into Ethanol-Soluble Compounds of Chlorella
The effect of io~2 M. z'sonicotinyl hydrazide (isoniazid) on the incorporation of radioactive carbon dioxide by Chlorella during photosynthesis has been studied under steady-state conditions at twoExpand
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