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Culture, language, and society
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The Human Group.
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Outline of a Framework for a Theory of Cultural Evolution
Cultural traditions (including languages) are transmitted across generations through learning by individuals in interaction with other members of the social groups to which they belong. Such groupsExpand
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Description and comparison in cultural anthropology
Foreword Alfred Harris Preface Introduction 1. Marriage and family 2. Kindred and clan 3. Sibling and cousin 4. General and particular Appendix References Index.
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The view of culture and the individual which I present here is one I have arrived at in the context of thinking about the contributions anthropology can make to programs for social and culturalExpand
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Under Heaven's Brow: Pre-Christian Religious Tradition in Chuuk
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Climate change and the integrity of science.
We are deeply disturbed by the recent escalation of political assaults on scientists in general and on climate scientists in particular. All citizens should understand some basic scientific facts.Expand
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Property, kin, and community on Truk
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Archaeology of southeastern coastal China and its bearing on the Austronesian homeland
Role de l'ile de Taiwan comme territoire original des Proto-Austronesiens avant leurs intrusions dans le sud-est Asiatique et le Pacifique.
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Moral Outrage: Territoriality in Human Guise
Moral outrage is a response to the behavior of others, never one's own. It is a response to infringements or transgressions on what people perceive to be the immunities they, or others with whom theyExpand
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