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Java theory and practice: a brief history of garbage collection
Over the next several months, Brian Goetz will look at the garbage collection strategies employed by the 1.4 JVM, some performance implications of various garbage collection Strategies, and how (as well as how not) to assist the garbage collector to yield better performance. Expand
The Canadian Wartime Documentary: "Canada Carries on" and "The World in Action"
In May 1939, with the passage of the National Film Act in Ottawa, the Canadian Film Board was created and John Grierson appointed to the post of film commissioner. With the outbreak of the war inExpand
HERPIC Progress Report 1959-1972
IN T R O D U C T IO N H ERPIC is an acronym that stands for Highway Extension and Research Project for Indiana Counties. This project was established at Purdue University in 1959 to implementExpand
[Contribution of Aleksander Sapieha (1773-1812) into European galvanization therapy].
The Polish noble man Alexander Sapieha (1773-1812), the leading natural scientist of the Granddukedom of Warsaw, cooperated with excellent European scientists in order to improve the galvanic battery technologically, and the resulting mini-batteries were employed in diathermie, in defibrillators and pacemakers. Expand