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Recursive calculations for processes with n gluons
Abstract A method is presented in which multigluon processes are calculated recursively. The technique is explicitly developed for processes where only gluons are produced and processes where inExpand
On relations between multi-gluon and multi-graviton scattering
Abstract From a relation between tree amplitudes of closed and open strings it becomes possible to express a mulit-graviton amplitude into a quadratic combination of multi-gluon sub-amplitudes. SinceExpand
Full one-loop amplitudes from tree amplitudes
We establish an efficient polynomial-complexity algorithm for one-loop calculations, based on generalized D-dimensional unitarity. It allows automated computations of both cut-constructible andExpand
A multi-threaded version of MCFM
We report on our findings modifying MCFM using OpenMP to implement multi-threading. Expand
Higher-order corrections to jet cross sections in hadron colliders
We describe a general method of calculating the fully differential cross section for the production of jets at next-to-leading order in a hadron collider. This method is based on a “crossing” ofExpand
Higgs boson production in association with a jet at NNLO using jettiness subtraction
We use the recently proposed jettiness-subtraction scheme to provide the complete calculation of Higgs boson production in association with a jet in hadronic collisions throughExpand
A Simple shower and matching algorithm
We present a simple formalism for parton-shower Markov chains. As a first step towards more complete ''uncertainty bands,'' we incorporate a comprehensive exploration of the ambiguities inherent inExpand
Z-Boson Production in Association with a Jet at Next-To-Next-To-Leading Order in Perturbative QCD.
We present the first complete calculation of Z-boson production in association with a jet in hadronic collisions through next-to-next-to-leading order in perturbative QCD. Our computation uses theExpand
Generic User Process Interface for Event Generators
Generic Fortran common blocks are presented for use by High Energy Physics event generators for transfer of event configurations from parton level generators to showering and hadronization event generators. Expand
The Six Gluon Process as an Example of Weyl-Van Der Waerden Spinor Calculus
Abstract In this paper the use of Weyl-van der Waerden spinors and its related calculus with dotted and undotted indices is advocated for those high energy processes where masses can be neglected.Expand