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Polynomial Regression with Response Surface Analysis: A Powerful Approach for Examining Moderation and Overcoming Limitations of Difference Scores
Polynomial regression with response surface analysis is a sophisticated statistical approach that has become increasingly popular in multisource feedback research (e.g., self-observer ratingExpand
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Leader Emergence: The Case of the Narcissistic Leader
These studies investigate whether individuals with high narcissism scores would be more likely to emerge as leaders during leaderless group discussions. The authors hypothesized that narcissistsExpand
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Motivation at work: Which matters more, generation or managerial level?
The purpose of this study was to investigate whether generations differ in level of work motivation and whether differences in work motivation are better explained by managerial level than byExpand
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Recent research has questioned the importance of rater perspective effects on multisource performance ratings (MSPRs). Although making a valuable contribution, we hypothesize that this research hasExpand
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Assessor cognitive processes in an operational assessment center.
The purpose of this study was (a) to provide additional tests of C. E. Lance, Newbolt, et al.'s (2000) situational specificity (vs. method bias) interpretation of exercise effects on assessmentExpand
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Rater source factors represent important subcomponents of the criterion construct space, not rater bias
Abstract We contrast normative accuracy and ecological perspectives on applications of the multitrait–multimethod methodology to multisource performance ratings and review existing research thatExpand
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Extending the Nomological Network of Assessment Center Construct Validity: Prediction of Cross-Situationally Consistent and Specific Aspects of Assessment Center Performance
The purpose of this study was to expand the nomological validity of assessment centers (ACs) by investigating predictors of cross-situationally consistent versus specific aspects of AC performance.Expand
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Examining career-related mentoring and managerial performance across cultures: A multilevel analysis☆
Abstract The benefits of the mentoring relationship for proteges have been a primary focus in the mentoring literature. Researchers have recently begun to examine how mentoring can benefit theExpand
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Managerial motivational profiles: Composition, antecedents, and consequences
Abstract Using a person-centered approach, we identified managers' ( N  = 321) motivational profiles and tested a model of the antecedents and consequences of these profiles. The profiles were basedExpand
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The Needs of Participants in Leadership Development Programs
As leadership development becomes prevalent around the world, it is critical to understand the expectations and needs of participants attending leadership development programs and whetherExpand
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