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The filtration apparatus of Cladocera: Filter mesh-sizes and their implications on food selectivity
SummaryThe filtering apparatus of eleven Cladoceran species was studied. The distances between the setulae, which act as filters, were measured. Among adult individuals, they vary from 0.2 μm inExpand
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Filter mesh size and food particle uptake by Daphnia
Food size selection of four Daphnia, species (D. magna, D. hyalina, D. galeata, D. pulicaria) was investigated using spherical plastic beads as artificial food and with small bacteria. The size ofExpand
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Acidic mining lakes : acid mine drainage, limnology, and reclamation
Limnological Case Studies on Acid Lakes. - Inorganic Processes of Acidification. - Remediation Concepts and Case Studies. - Results of Group Discussions and Outlook.
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Variability of filter structures in eight Daphnia species: mesh sizes and filtering areas
The morphology of the filtering apparatus of eight Daphnia species (62 individuals of all size classes) was investigated by scanning electron microscopy. In the majority of animals the intersetularExpand
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Natural and Anthropogenic Sulfuric Acidification of Lakes
Since the early 1960s, acid rain has affected surface waters in regions with soils low in carbonates. The acidification of whole lake districts resulted from industrial emissions distributed throughExpand
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A pilot-scale field experiment for the microbial neutralization of a holomictic acidic pit lake
Abstract A strategy to neutralize acidic pit lakes was tested in an upscaling process using field mesocosms of 26 to ca. 4500 m3 volume in the acidic pit Mining Lake 111 in Germany. After addition ofExpand
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Water quality management of mining lakes: a new field of applied hydrobiology
Underground and opencast mining generated many new lakes, some with dimensions comparable with natural glacier lakes. Research and water quality management on these lakes is multidisciplinary. A partExpand
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Selective feeding of four zooplankton species on natural lake phytoplankton
Grazing experiments evaluated by microscopical counting were conducted with different size classes of Daphnia hyalina, D. galeata, Eudiaptomus gracilis, and Cyclops sp., all from Lake Constance,Expand
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Seasonal variability in the relationship between body length and individual dry weight as related to food abundance and clutch size in two coexisting Daphnia species
Dry weights of individual Daphnia galeata and D. hyalina, which coexist in Lake Con- stance, were determined weekly during a two year investigation. From each sample and each species a length —Expand
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