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A laboratory on the four-point probe technique
We describe how a classic electrostatics experiment can be modified to be a four-point probe lab experiment. Students use the four-point probe technique to investigate how the measured resistanceExpand
Novel magnetic-semiconductors in modified iron titanates for radhard electronics
Some members of the modified iron titanate family show remarkable tolerance to radiation and are well suited for radhard electronics. Of particular interest are solid solutions of ilmenite–hematiteExpand
Ferromagnetic Properties of Spark-Processed Photoluminescing Silicon
Magnetic properties of photoluminescing spark-processed silicon (sp-Si) have been investigated for the first time. Contrary to the diamagnetic signal known for bulk silicon, sp-Si displays aExpand
Parallel decomposition of combinatorial optimization problems using electro-optical vector by matrix multiplication architecture
This paper surveys structures for representing Hamiltonian cycles, the use of these structures in heuristic optimization techniques, and efficient mapping ofThese structures along with respective operators to a newly proposed electrooptical vector by matrix multiplication (VMM) architecture. Expand
Compressive Sensing of Object-Signature
The potential of compressive sensing to compress the data through analysis of several methods for obtaining signature and evaluation of the rate/distortions results of different compression methods including compressed sensing applied to object-signature are shown. Expand
Magnetic properties of RF-sputtered NiO and Ni0.8Fe0.2O1-δ samples grown on SiO2/Si substrates
ABSTRACT Magnetic properties of RF (Radio Frequency)-sputtered NiO and Ni0.8Fe0.2O1-δ films made at low or high oxygen (O) sputtering pressures were studied and discussed. The X-ray diffractionExpand
Electronic and optical properties of antiferromagnetic iron doped NiO – A first principles study
Antiferromagnetic NiO is a candidate for next generation high-speed and scaled RRAM devices. Here, electronic and optical properties of antiferromagnetic NiO: Fe 25% in the rock salt structure areExpand
IV and CV Characteristics of Multifunctional Ilmenite-Hematite 0.67FeTiO3-0.33Fe2O3
We investigated the IV and CV properties of an [(FeTiO3)0.67 (Fe2O3)0.33] epitaxial thin film. The four point probe (4pp) measurements revealed that the material has a linear IV relation and has aExpand
Combinatorial Optimization Using Electro-Optical Vector by Matrix Multiplication Architecture
The results show that the VMM architecture can speedup various variants of the TSP algorithm by a factor of 30x to 50x and time space tradeoffs related to using a record keeping mechanism for storing intermediate solutions are presented. Expand
Magnetic Properties of Reactive Co-Sputtered NiFe-Oxide Samples
In this paper, we discuss the properties of reactive radio-frequency-sputtered Fe-doped NiO thin films co-sputtered at different oxygen flow rates. The films were deposited in an AJA Orion sputteringExpand