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Amino acids of the murchison meteorite:
SummarySix of the seven chain isomers of six-carbon acyclic primaryα-amino alkanoic acids (leucine isomers) have been either identified or confirmed in hot-water extracts of the Murchison meteoriteExpand
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The disappearing endotracheal tube: historic skill threatened by lack of practice & new devices.
When paramedics were first introduced in the 1970s, one of the most controversial aspects of their training program was endotracheal intubation (ETI). Prior to that, the skill of intubating theExpand
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Rethinking ETI: Should paramedics continue to intubate?
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Disciplinary actions.
Disciplinary Status Overview UT Dallas maintains academic disciplinary policies to encourage students to make the necessary academic and life changes to succeed. Students (including those who seekExpand
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Environmental emergencies. Don't let tunnel vision cloud your judgment.
The nervous system: conditions involving the nervous system can present in many different ways.
Vertigo is a fairly common complaint encountered by medics. It is very upsetting and unpleasant for the patient, but it is usually benign and resolves on its own. However, it is vital that the medicExpand
Assessing the spine. Doing a thorough job is the key to an appropriate immobilization decision.
The decision to apply spinal motion restriction should be based upon assessment findings. Mechanism of injury is a consideration, but ultimately the decision should be made on objective physical examExpand