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Predicting Relational Outcomes : An Investigation of Thin Slice Judgments in Speed Dating
Many relational scholars suggest relational closeness may be determined during initial interaction (Berg & Clark, 1986; Duck, 1995). Speed dating (Deyo & Deyo, 2002) creates opportunities for rapidExpand
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Ethical orientations and criminal justice: The effects of academic major and gender
We identified and compared the self-reported ethical ideological orientations of criminal justice majors and other students from a course selected to represent the general student population at aExpand
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Listening Fidelity Development and Relationship to Receiver Apprehension and Locus of Control
Abstract This study explores a new concept, listening fidelity, and a procedure for measurement. Listening fidelity is conceptually defined as the degree of congruence between the cognitions of aExpand
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Parent-child sexual discussion: perceived communicator style and subsequent behavior.
The purpose of this study was to investigate the relationship between perceived parental sexual communicator style and adolescent sexual behavior and information accuracy. Two hundred thirty-fourExpand
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The Measurement of Communication Apprehension in the Marriage Relationship.
The present study yielded results which indicate that spouse communication apprehension is conceptually and factorially distinct from general communication apprehension. An instrument labeled theExpand
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Perceptions of friendly insult greetings in interpersonal relationships
This study investigated the effects of relationship development level and sexual composition within the relationship upon perceptions of the demand relevance (acceptability and frequency) of aExpand
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The value of instrumental and affective communication skills in different relational stages
The focus of this study was to assess the value that college students place on instrumental and affective communication skills across progressive relational stages in same‐sex relationships. ExistingExpand
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Expanding the Theoretical Framework of Communication Fidelity
This study examines the expanding role and significance of communication fidelity theory within a bimodal communication event framework comprising both basic communication fidelity and listeningExpand
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The Effect of Compulsory Writing on Writing Apprehension.
The teaching of basic composition courses is oriented toward not only improving writing skills but also toward favorably affecting the student's orientation about writing; skills alone areExpand
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Functional Analysis of 2008 Senate and Gubernatorial TV Spots
Most research on political advertising focuses on television spots aired in the race for the presidency. However, far more political commercials are broadcast in races for other offices. This studyExpand
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