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Shallow water modeling in small water bodies
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Germany's Cold War: The Global Campaign to Isolate East Germany, 1949-1969
This volume explores West Germany's efforts to prevent international acceptance of East Germany as a legitimate state following World War II, using newly available material from both sides of theExpand
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Encyclopedia of the Cold War
Sample table of contents (A-C): Able Archer. ABM Treaty. Acheson, Dean. Adenauer, Konrad. Afghanistan. Agriculture. Algeria. Allende, Salvador. Alliance for Progress. Almarik, Andrei. AmericanExpand
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Deutsche Wirtschaftsgeschichte seit 1945
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A low-affinity estrogen-binding site in pregnant rat uteri: analysis and partial purification.
We have identified a low-affinity (type II) estrogen-binding site (EBS) that is expressed at high levels during pregnancy in rat uteri. Although this activity was detectable in nonpregnant rat uteri,Expand
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Computational methods in water resources X
1. Groundwater and Flow in Porous Media. 2. Subsurface Transport. 3. Scaling and Heterogeneity. 4. Geostatistics. 5. Reactive Flow. 6. Fractured Porous Media. 7. Parameter Estimation. 8. RemediationExpand
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Design of optimal pump-and-treat strategies for contaminated groundwater remediation using the simulated annealing algorithm
Abstract The problem of the placement of pumps and the selection of pumping rates are the most important issues in designing contaminated groundwater remediation systems using a pump-and-treatExpand
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Mathematical tools for changing spatial scales in the analysis of physical systems
Scope and Basic Concepts Mathematical Preliminaries Basic Concepts for Generalized Functions Integration Scales and Coordinate Systems Theorem Notation Applications of Generalized FunctionsExpand
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