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Blistering of paint films and filiform corrosion
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Microgels-Intramolecularly Crossünked Macromolecules with a Globular Structure
In polymer science and technology, linear, branched and crosslinked structures are usually distinguished. For crosslinked polymers, insolubility and lack of fusibility are considered asExpand
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Paints and Coatings
The article contains sections titled: 1. Introduction 1.1. Fundamental Concepts 1.2. Historical Development 1.3. Composition of Paints 1.3.1. Binders and Resins 1.3.2. Plasticizers Expand
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Rolle der Tiere in Wald-Ökosystemen des Solling
Die Bedeutung der Tiere fur das „Funktionieren“terrestrischer Okosysteme ist in vielen Fallen weitgehend unbekannt. Das gilt ganz besonders fur Walder. Wir wissen zwar um die Tatigkeit einzelnerExpand
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The effect of water on the adhesion of organic coatings on aluminium
Abstract Water normally decreases the strength of adhesive joints. In the case of epoxy coatings on aluminium, however, after an initial decrease the adhesive strength increased with the time ofExpand
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The role of adhesion in corrosion protection by organic coatings
Wet adhesion is essential for corrosion protection in the case of organic coatings. It is presumed that adhesion failure is the first step in the corrosion of coated metal. Testing of wet adhesion byExpand
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Rasterelektronenmikroskopische Untersuchungen an Edaphonobiotus campascoides (Protozoa: Testacea)
Summary The test morphology of Edaphonobiotus campascoides Schonbohm, Foissner and Meisterfelld , 1983 was investigated by scanning electron microscopy. The shell consists mainly of Trinema-likeExpand
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