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Changes in the segregation of whites from blacks during the 1980s: small steps toward a more integrated society.
This paper represents the first analysis of black-white residential segregation for 1980-1990. It evaluates patterns for all metropolitan areas with substantial black populations. The results show aExpand
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Diversity Explosion: How New Racial Demographics are Remaking America
1. A Pivotal Period for Racial Change 2. Old versus Young: Cultural Generation Gaps 3. America's New Racial Map 4. Hispanics Fan Out: Who Goes Where? 5. Asians in America: Where They Matter Most 6.Expand
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Finding Exurbia: America’s Fast-Growing Communities at the Metropolitan Fringe
Part of the Living Cities Census Series, this publication is a brief for the Brookings Institution in the Cities and Suburbs section. The publication examines the nature, extent and geographicalExpand
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Immigration and Internal Migration 'Flight' from US Metropolitan Areas: Toward a New Demographic Balkanisation
This article examines the migration dynamics underlying the uneven race and ethnic demographic growth patterns which are characterising the revival of urban growth in the U.S....The findings makeExpand
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Central City White Flight: Racial and Nonracial Causes.
Although residential "while flight" from large central cities is hardly a new phenomenon its cumulative adverse impact on the residual population has led policy makers to be wary of institutingExpand
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Melting Pot Cities and Suburbs: Racial and Ethnic Change in Metro America in the 2000s
“The historically sharp racial and ethnic divisions between cities and suburbs in metropolitan America are more blurred than ever.”
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Latino, Asian, and black segregation in U.S. metropolitan areas: Are multiethnic metros different*
This study examines 1990 residential segregation levels and 1980–1990 changes in segregation for Latinos, Asians, and blacks in U.S. metropolitan areas. It also evaluates the effect of emergingExpand
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Center on Urban and Metropolitan Policy
This full-scale reversal of blacks’ “Great Migration” north during the early part of the 20th century reflects the South’s economic growth and modernization, its improved race relations, and theExpand
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A Demographic Bridge to America’s Diverse Future
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