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A third-century Inscription relating to angareia in Phrygia
During a brief visit to Afyon Karahisar in central Anatolia in September, 1954, my attention was drawn by Bay Suleiman Gokce, Curator of the Vilayet Museum, to a large inscription which had recentlyExpand
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The Gnostic Sects and the Roman Empire
Two generations of lawyers and historians of the early Church have worked over the scanty evidence bearing on the legal and political relations between the first Christian communities and the RomanExpand
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The rise of the monophysite movement
W. H. C. FREND This history of the Church from the non-Orthodox Monophysite point of view in the two centuries following the Council of Ephesus attempts to explain why the Eastern Roman Empire fellExpand
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RELIGION: The Rise of Christianity
Why attempt a lengthy work on the early centuries of Christianity? With considerable uncertainty whether mankind will reach the end of the present century without blowing itself and the planet toExpand
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Pagans, Christians, and ‘the Barbarian Conspiracy’ of A.D. 367 in Roman Britain
The contrasting fortunes of Christianity in Britain and on the Continent in the late fourth and fifth centuries are one of the truisms of history. Why did Roman Britain fail to follow the example ofExpand
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Sabbatical in South Africa