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Risk Factors and Consequences of Unwanted Sex Among University Students
This is the first study of unwanted sexual experiences in the collegiate “hooking-up” culture. In a representative sample of 178 students at a small liberal arts university. Twenty-three percent ofExpand
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“The Red Zone”
The “red zone” usually refers to the first few weeks of the first semester at college, when female students are believed to be at greatest risk for experiencing unwanted sex. We tested this notionExpand
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Some types of hookups may be riskier than others for campus sexual assault.
OBJECTIVE The high prevalence of campus sexual assault (CSA) among college students in the United States is a chronic public health crisis. Some risk factors for CSA victimization, such as alcoholExpand
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Sexual Assault Victimization Among Female Undergraduates During Study Abroad
Almost all research on sexual assault victimization among undergraduate university students pertains to incidents that occur on domestic college and university campuses. The purpose of the presentExpand
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Predictors of Emotional Numbing, Revisited: A Replication and Extension
Litz et al. (1997), theorizing that emotional numbing (EN) is the result of emotional depletion caused by chronic hyperarousal, demonstrated that a cluster of hyperarousal symptoms was a robustExpand
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Service-Learning as a Source of Identity Change in Bucknell in Northern Ireland
Bucknell in Northern Ireland is a service-learning program that places students in the midst of a struggle over national identities, the sectarian conflict involving many Catholics and Protestants.Expand
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Risk of Unwanted Sex for College Women: Evidence for a Red Zone
Objective: University and college health and counseling centers frequently warn female students about the red zone—a period early in a student's first year at college during which she may be atExpand
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Campus sexual assault
One in 5 women and one in 16 men are sexually assaulted while in college & Martin, 2007). The majority of these crimes (90%) on college campuses are never reported (Fisher, Cullen, & Turner, 2000).Expand
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