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M theory as a matrix model: A Conjecture
We suggest and motivate a precise equivalence between uncompactified 11-dimensional M theory and the N={infinity} limit of the supersymmetric matrix quantum mechanics describing D0 branes. TheExpand
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A Simple Solution to the Strong CP Problem with a Harmless Axion
We describe a simple generalization of the Peccei-Quinn mechanism which eliminates the strong CP problem at the cost of a very light, very weakly coupled axion. The mechanism requires no new fermionsExpand
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Operator product expansion for Wilson loops and surfaces in the large N limit
The operator product expansion for {open_quotes}small{close_quotes} Wilson loops in N=4, d=4 SYM theory is studied. The OPE coefficients are calculated in the large {ital N} and g{sub YM}{sup 2}NExpand
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Holography and cosmology
A cosmological version of the holographic principle is proposed. Various consequences are discussed including bounds on equation of state and the requirement that the universe be infinite.
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A Model for High Energy Scattering in Quantum Gravity
We present a model for high energy two body scattering in a quantum theory of gravity. The model is applicable for center of mass energies higher than the relevant Planck scale. At impact parametersExpand
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Noether charge, black hole volume, and complexity
A bstractIn this paper, we study the physical significance of the thermodynamic volumes of AdS black holes using the Noether charge formalism of Iyer and Wald. After applying this formalism to studyExpand
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Strongly coupled gauge theories: high and low temperature behavior of non-local observables
A bstractWe explore the high and low temperature behavior of non-local observables in strongly coupled gauge theories that are dual to AdS. We develop a systematic expansion for equal time two-pointExpand
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Holographic Mutual Information at Finite Temperature
Using the Ryu-Takayanagi conjectured formula for entanglement entropy in the context of gauge-gravity duality, we investigate properties of mutual information between two disjoint rectangularExpand
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A phenomenological model of particle physics based on supersymmetry
A supersymmetric model of particle physics is developed whose phenomenology closely resembles that of supersymmetric technicolor models.
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Dualities versus singularities
We show that a subgroup of the modular group of M-theory compactified on a ten torus, implies the Lorentzian structure of the moduli space, that is usually associated with naive discussions ofExpand
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