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Alternative Arguments for Generalizing From Data as Applied to Qualitative Research
One criticism about qualitative research is that it is difficult to generalize findings to settings not studied. To explore this issue, I examine three broad arguments for generalizing from data:Expand
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Meaning in Method: The Rhetoric of Quantitative and Qualitative Research
The current debate about quantitative and qualitative methods focuses on whether there is a necessary connection between method-type and research paradigm that makes the different approachesExpand
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Teacher Commitment, Working Conditions, and Differential Incentive Policies
The push for more complex, intellectually demanding approaches to teaching suggests that teacher commitment will continue to be important for effective education. This article develops a frameworkExpand
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Who's in Charge Here? Sources of Leadership for Change in Eight Schools
In this study we identified a set of change leadership functions, including sustaining a vision for change, encouraging staff, modifying standard operating procedures, and monitoring progress. ThisExpand
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Teacher Evaluation Policy and Conflicting Theories of Motivation
Current interest in teacher evaluation focuses disproportionately on measurement issues and performance-based pay without an overarching theory of how evaluation works. To develop such a theory, IExpand
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Using Reform: Conceptualizing District Initiative
This paper explores the phenomenon of district use of state reform. Past research suggests that local districts will comply minimally with mandates and respond to inducements with varying degrees ofExpand
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Districts, Teacher Leaders, and Distributed Leadership: Changing Instructional Practice
Using case studies of four schools in three districts, this article explores how leadership is distributed in districts and asks about the role of teacher leaders. It proposes that teacher leadersExpand
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Performance-Based Assessment and Instructional Change: The Effects of Testing in Maine and Maryland
To examine how performance-based assessment changed mathematics teaching under conditions of moderate and low stakes, we studied middle school teachers in five districts in Maine and Maryland. OurExpand
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Building Commitment in Urban High Schools
A conceptual framework for understanding student and teacher commitment is presented and illustrated with data from a field study of 10 urban high schools. Three points are made. First, alienationExpand
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Multisite Qualitative Policy Research: Optimizing Description and Generalizability
The classical qualitative educational research design is the case study. Studies of school life (Cusick, 1973; Wolcott, 1973), of the larger social forces affecting schooling (Ogbu, 1974), and ofExpand
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