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Establishment and characterization of seven dunning rat prostatic cancer cell lines and their use in developing methods for predicting metastatic abilities of prostatic cancers
In vitro cell lines were established from seven biologically distinct in vivo Dunning R3327 rat prostatic tumor sublines to validate that the in vitro cell Lines retained the major characteristics of the parental in vivo tumor sub lines used for their respective establishment. Expand
Establishment and characterization of seven Dunning rat prostatic cancer cell lines and their use in developing methods for predicting metastatic abilities of prostatic cancers.
The combination of the in vitro cell lines and their parental in vivo tumor subline will be a valuable tool for developing methods for predicting metastatic ability of prostate cancers, but no single parameter yet measured is entirely successful in making this important distinction. Expand
Tissue engineering of the bladder--reality or myth? A systematic review.
Preclinical research in healthy animals appears to show the feasibility of bladder augmentation by tissue engineering, but in view of the disappointing clinical results based on healthy animal models new approaches should also be evaluated in preclinical models using dysfunctional/diseased bladders. Expand
Urotherapy in children: quantitative measurements of daytime urinary incontinence before and after treatment according to the new definitions of the International Children's Continence Society.
Urotherapy is successful for the treatment of daytime urinary incontinence in children and additional benefit was evident in improvement of accompanying voiding symptoms. Expand
In utero Repair of an Experimental Neural Tube Defect in a Chronic Sheep Model Using Biomatrices
It is demonstrated that long-term exposure of the open spinal cord to the intrauterine environment can lead to damage of neural tissue and, consequently loss of neurologic functions and that coverage of the defect can leading to a better neurologic outcome. Expand
Urological anomalies in anorectal malformations in The Netherlands: effects of screening all patients on long-term outcome
The screening for urological anomalies in ARM patients can be optimized with long-term follow-up in selected patients and are more severe than in patients with less complex ARM. Expand
Tissue Engineering of the Urethra: A Systematic Review and Meta-analysis of Preclinical and Clinical Studies.
It is shown that improvements to (pre)clinical study design is required to improve clinical translation of tissue engineering technologies, and improved ( Preclinical study designs may enhance clinical translation. Expand
Compartment syndrome, rhabdomyolysis and risk of acute renal failure as complications of the lithotomy position.
Compartment syndrome, rhabdomyolysis and the risk of acute renal failure are potential complications of the lithotomy position. A six-year-old girl is described who developed a compartment syndromeExpand
Long-term outcome of different types of 1-stage hypospadias repair.
The results clearly showed that additional complications can present after long-term followup after hypospadias repair, and the results seem to depend on the severity of the abnormality, reflected in the complication distribution rather than operative technique. Expand
The long term outcome of feminizing genital surgery for congenital adrenal hyperplasia: anatomical, functional and cosmetic outcomes, psychosexual development, and satisfaction in adult female
The adult outcome after feminizing surgery in adult females with salt wasting CAH seems more positive than the findings in the few previous reports, especially with respect to sexual development and activity. Expand