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A unified approach to the Clenshaw summation and the recursive computation of very high degree and order normalised associated Legendre functions
Abstract. Spherical harmonic expansions form partial sums of fully normalised associated Legendre functions (ALFs). However, when evaluated increasingly close to the poles, the ultra-high degree and
Comparison and validation of the recent freely available ASTER-GDEM ver1, SRTM ver4.1 and GEODATA DEM-9S ver3 digital elevation models over Australia
This study investigates the quality (in terms of elevation accuracy and systematic errors) of three recent publicly available elevation model datasets over Australia: (i) the 9 arc second national
Geodetic determination of tectonic deformation in central Greece from 1900 to 1988
The Global Positioning System has been used to measure the relative displacements of fifteen monuments in a hundred-year-old triangulation network spanning part of the Aegean extensional basin. These
GRACE‐derived ice‐mass variations over Greenland by accounting for leakage effects
[1] After more than 6 years in full operational mode, the Gravity Recovery and Climate Experiment (GRACE) satellite mission provides the opportunity to derive global secular mass changes from
AbstractIn order for Global Positioning System (GPS) derived ellipsoidal heights to have any physical meaning in a surveying or engineering application, they must be transformed to orthometric
The AUSGeoid98 geoid model of Australia: data treatment, computations and comparisons with GPS-levelling data
Abstract. The AUSGeoid98 gravimetric geoid model of Australia has been computed using data from the EGM96 global geopotential model, the 1996 release of the Australian gravity database, a nationwide
A Meissl-modified Vaníček and Kleusberg kernel to reduce the truncation error in gravimetric geoid computations
Abstract. A deterministic modification of Stokes's integration kernel is presented which reduces the truncation error when regional gravity data are used in conjunction with a global geopotential
Geodetic versus geophysical perspectives of the ‘gravity anomaly’
SUMMARY A ‘gravity anomaly’ is essentially the difference between the gravitational acceleration caused by the Earth’s masses and that generated by some reference mass distribution. However, there
A coastal retracking system for satellite radar altimeter waveforms: Application to ERS‐2 around Australia
[1] Satellite radar altimeter-derived sea surface heights (SSH) are in error in coastal regions due, in part, to the complex nature of echoes returned from rapidly varying land and sea surfaces. This