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Magnesium activated adenosine formation in intact perfused heart: predominance of ecto 5'-nucleotidase during hypermagnesemia.
Magnesium ion-enhanced adenosine formation by 5'-nucleotidase could contribute to the known cardioprotective effects of this clinically used cation. Expand
Coronary pressure-flow autoregulation protects myocardium from pressure-induced changes in oxygen consumption.
It is concluded that pressure-flow autoregulation protects myocardium from CPP-induced changes in CVV, which in turn produces changes in oxygen consumption, and this results in a decline in myocardial oxygen consumption in anesthetized dogs. Expand
Does interstitial adenosine mediate acute hibernation of guinea pig myocardium?
It is concluded that activation of adenosine receptors results in recovery of cytosolic energy level of moderately ischaemic working myocardium, but this energetic recovery is not solely responsible for postischaemic contractile recovery. Expand
Effects of snuff on regional blood flow to the cheek and tongue of anesthetized dogs.
Dose-independent vasodilation was observed at the site of application, whereas dose-dependent vasoconstriction was observed contralaterally, and Plasma nicotine concentrations increased stepwise with dose. Expand