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Programming compatibility in a family of closely related digital computers
The key objectives of common programming featm'es for the b'~mm~rh family are to simplify intercommunication and interoperation o f machines, and to simplify training of programmers and operators and permit these persons to switch one FIELDATA machine to another quickly and easily.
Signal corps research and development on automatic programming of digital computers
A well-designed generM purpose digital computer is potentially capable of solving a wide variety of problems. However, before it can actually solve any particular problem it, must be provided with a
Data transmission equipment concepts for FIELDATA
The concepts and techniques developed to create this evolutionary merger emphasizing the ways in which conventional communications concepts have been adapted to achieve a high degree of interoperability with computers and other data processing equipment, and an extraordinary degree of flexibility and adaptability of application are discussed.
Mark sense and port-a-punch programming inputs
A number of special type mark-sense and Port-A-Punch cards have been used and common but lengthy verbs such as FORMAT, DIMENSION and READ may be represented by a single mark.
A Systems Approach to Electronic Reliability
Certain broad general principles of electronic reliability become obvious when reliability is viewed as one of a number of important aspects of the broad general problem of achieving most efficient
Hollerith, Herman
Herman Hollerith (b. Buffalo, NY, 1860; d. Washington, DC, 1929), See Figure 1, was the inventor of the punched-card data processing machine. His systems and the applications he developed for them
Computer Graphics Research Project. Introduction to the Graphics Compatibility System (Version 2.5).
This particular manual is intended for individuals who possess an understanding of elementary FORTRAN, and who express a desire to investigate the realm of computer graphics, with emphasis placed upon applications which are coincident with their particular areas of interest.
Dynamic Failure Control for Military Electronics
Failures in electronic equipment can cost time, effort, supplies, money and even lives. Most reliability programs concentrate almost exclusively upon failure prevention; their main interest seems to
Data processing as a tool for generalizing communications systems
  • W. F. Luebbert
  • Computer Science
    Transactions of the American Institute of…
  • 1 September 1960
It is instructive to attempt to describe the fundamental nature of communications in a similar frame of reference and compare the two to lead to a viewpoint which has important implications on system and equipment design.