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A comparison of the acute and chronic effects of four antidepressant drugs on the turnover of serotonin, dopamine and noradrenaline in the rat brain.
Abstract The acute effects of imipramine, Org GB 94 and iprindol and the chronic effects of imipramine, desipramine, iprindol and Org GB 94 were studied on the turnover of dopamine, noradrenaline andExpand
Aspects of the biliary excretion of orphenadrine and its N-demethylated derivative, tofenacin, in the rat.
Abstract A study was made of the excretion of radioactivity in bile of male rats after administration of orphenadrine hydrochloride and tofenacin hydrochloride in labelled forms. In bile fistula ratExpand
The effect of a tetracyclic antidepressant compound, Org GB94, on the turnover of biogenic amines in rat brain.
Abstract The acute administration of Org GB94 resulted in an increased incorporation of [ 3 H]tyrosine into [ 3 H]noradrenaline in the cerebral cortex, brain stem and mid-brain of the rat. TheExpand
The effect of α‐melanocyte stimulating hormone (α‐MSH) on the metabolism of blogenlc amines in the rat brain
The effect of the chronic administration of α‐MSH on the incorporation of tritiated tyrosine into noradrenalin and dopamine and of tritiated tryptophan into serotonin was studied in different regionsExpand
Investigations into the metabolic fate and distribution of hepzidine maleate in the rat and the mouse.
Abstract Metabolic studies with hepzidine maleate, labelled in two positions with 3H and 14C, respectively, showed that in rats, over 50 per cent of an orally administered dose of hepzidine maleateExpand
The distribution and metabolic fate of xyloxemine hydrochloride in mice and rats.
Evidence for side-chain degradation of orphenadrine HCl in the rat.