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Mineralogical studies on Guatemalan jade
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New Mineral Names
concept seems to [e in the assumption that atomic transmutation, other than radioactivity, is of a common and widespread occurrence within the earth. Under laboratory con4itions enorrnous quantitiesExpand
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Famous mineral localities: furnace creek, death valley
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Ganophyllite and Zincian Amphibole from Franklin Furnace, New Jersey.
The mineral ganophyllite was first described by Axel Hambergl from Pajsberg, Sweden, associated with caryopilite, barite, lead, rhodonite, calcite, garnet, manganophyllite and pyrophanite. LaterExpand
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Catapleiite from Magnet Cove, Arkansas
The mineral catapleiite was first found in the nepheline syenites on the Island of LAven, Langesundfjord, Norway. Later it was discovered in other localities in the Langesundfjord region. It hasExpand
Review and Preliminary Evaluation of Lifting Horizontal-Axis Rotating-Wing Aeronautical Systems (HARWAS)
Abstract : Among the purely aeronautical applications, near-horizontal axis as well as horizontal axis devices are considered. The former cover the radial-lift propeller or 'self-propelling' wing;Expand
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