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CREME96: A Revision of the Cosmic Ray Effects on Micro-Electronics Code
CREME96 is an update of the Cosmic Ray on Micro-Electronics code, a widely-used suite of programs for creating numerical models of the ionizing-radiation environment in near-Earth orbits and forExpand
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The 1859 space weather event revisited: limits of extreme activity
The solar flare on 1 September 1859 and its associated geomagnetic storm remain the standard for an extreme solar-terrestrial event. The most recent estimates of the flare soft X-ray (SXR) peakExpand
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Shock Geometry, Seed Populations, and the Origin of Variable Elemental Composition at High Energies in Large Gradual Solar Particle Events
Above a few tens of MeV per nucleon, large, gradual solar energetic particle (SEP) events are highly variable in their spectral characteristics and elemental composition. The origin of thisExpand
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A New and Comprehensive Analysis of Proton Spectra in Ground-Level Enhanced (GLE) Solar Particle Events
Proton acceleration to energies above ∼500 MeV is a controversial and poorly understood aspect of solar energetic particle (SEP) physics. We have developed a new technique for analyzing data from theExpand
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Calibration of the Mars Pathfinder alpha proton X‐ray spectrometer
[1] The chemical compositions of Martian rocks and soils examined with the alpha proton X-ray spectrometer (APXS) during the Mars Pathfinder 1997 lander mission were not previously fully determined.Expand
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Ionization effect of solar particle GLE events in low and middle atmosphere
Abstract. Using a new reconstruction of the solar proton energy spectra for Ground Level Enhancement (GLE) events, based on fits to measurements from ground-based and satellite-borne instrumentsExpand
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ABSTRACTWe explore requirements for a solar particle event (SPE) and flare capable of producing the cosmogenic nuclideevent of 775 a.d., and review solar circumstances at that time. A solar source forExpand
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Single event upsets caused by solar energetic heavy ions
We calculate single event upset (SEU) rates due to protons, alphas, and heavier ions in two satellite systems for the major solar particle events of 1989-92, using a new and complete analysis of GOESExpand
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The mean ionic charge state of solar energetic Fe ions above 200 MeV per nucleon
We have analyzed the geomagnetic transmission of solar energetic Fe ions at approximately 200-600 MeV per nucleon during the great solar energetic particle (SEP) events of 1989 September-October. ByExpand
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