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Message disruptions during syntactic processing in schizophrenia.
Twenty-four schizophrenics and 24 nonschizophrenic psychiatric patients were given the Hunt test, which requires the subject to use syntactic strategies to synthesize an extended multisentence textExpand
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Aquatic Organisms Response to Severe Stress Following Acutely Sublethal Toxicant Exposure
Snails, Goniobasis livescens (Menke), were exposed to acutely sublethal concentrations of p-nitrophenol and the lampricide, 3-trifluoromethyl-4 nitrophenol (TFM), and then to acutely lethal thermalExpand
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Stroke rehabilitation: correlation and prognostic value of computerized tomography and sequential functional assessments.
In a 13-month period, 41 selected patients with cerebrovascular accidents were studied utilizing computerized tomography of the brain and the Barthel index in an attempt to correlate findings withExpand
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A comprehensive quality assurance system for practicing dentists.
A comprehensive outcome-oriented quality assurance methodology manual has been developed for use by practicing dentists. The audit consists of four parts. Provision for immediate feedback toExpand
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Evaluation of an innovative self-instructional program in the surgical subspecialties.
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An Interactive Simulation of Pumped Storage Reservoir Systems
: A combination pumped storage reservoir system was simulated by modifying the WRE deep reservoir model. Each of the two reservoirs was described by a copy of the WRE model program, the two programsExpand
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