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Penetration of salicylic acid and salicylate into the multilayer membrane system and into the human horny layer.
Using a multilayer membrane system and human horny layer the difference in the penetration of salicylic acid (SA) and its sodium and choline salts from topical formulations was studied and the use of the salts of SA appears to be more suitable for the application as keratolytic. Expand
[Drug permeation through synthetic lipid membranes. Part 10: The effects of diffusion layers on the permeation process (author's transl)].
Correlations have been established which permit to calculate diffusion layers, membrane permeation coefficients, and also diffusion coefficients in the diffusion layers which have been provided the prerequisites for the comparison of results obtained on using different model parameters. Expand
[Incidence of heavy metals in distilled and demineralized water].
  • W. Fürst
  • Chemistry, Medicine
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  • 1 July 1976
A multilayer membrane system for modelling drug penetration into skin
Abstract A new model system for modelling drug penetration profiles in human skin is presented with a multilayer membrane system as receptor. For this purpose, membranes were used with dodecanol (DD)Expand
Separation of metal species by emulsion liquid membranes
Abstract Since the first invention of liquid membrane technology in 1968 many potential applications have been investigated. This paper reviews the applications of emulsion liquid membranes for theExpand
Influence of ion-pair-formation on the pharmacokinetic properties of drugs. Part 3: Influence of hexylsalicylic acid on the pharmacokinetics of pholedrine.
In vitro studies show that ion-pair-formation with the lipophilic hexylsalicylic acid influences the pharmacokinetics of the hydrophilic drug pholedrine, which is ionized in all physiological media. Expand
Molecular Monolayers, Thin Films and Membranes
Influence of ion-pair-formation on the pharmacokinetic properties of drugs. Part 4: Influence of hexylsalicylic acid on the pharmacokinetics of bretylium.
Based on in vitro results it was found that the pharmacokinetic parameters of the hydrophilic drug bretylium (2) can be influenced by an ion-pair-formation with the lipophilic hexylsalicyclic acidExpand
[Drug permeation through artificial lipid membranes. 17. The mechanism of ion pair transport].
The transport of ionized drugs across lipoid membranes can be increased considerable by lipophilic counter ions. This is caused by an increased lipophilicity of the ion pair which is formed betweenExpand