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The influence of FDBA and autogenous bone particles on regeneration of calvaria defects in the rabbit: a pilot study.
The histological behavior of bone formation using three biomaterials was examined including whether an 8mm rabbit calvarial defect would behave as a critical size defect. Four trephine defects of 8mmExpand
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Endoscopic interventions in oral implantology - a report of 5 years clinical experience
Minimal invasive treatment is an important goal of current implant surgical procedures. The aim of the article is to present data on endoscopic procedures in implant surgery to give an overview onExpand
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Petroleum Subsidies in Yemen: Leveraging Reform for Development
Petroleum subsidy reform is increasingly seen as an opportunity for consolidating public finances and fostering sustainable economic development. Yemen, as the country with the lowest per capitaExpand
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Joint Social and Economic Assessment : Republic of Yemen
The Joint Social and Economic Assessment (JSEA) has been prepared in response to a request from the Ministry of Planning and International Cooperation (MoPIC) in Yemen, and was undertaken jointly byExpand
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Endoscopically Assisted Root Splitting (EARS): Method and First Results
El trauma de las estructuras circundantes al hueso durante la exodoncia representa una de las principales deficiencias de la cirugia cirugia oral convencional. Se presenta una tecnica alternativaExpand
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Radiographical and clinical evaluation of critical size defects in rabbit calvaria filled with allograft and autograft: a pilot study.
Regeneration of resorbed edentulous sites can be induced by bone grafts from the subject himself and/or by the use of biomaterials. At present, there has been an extensive search for biomaterialsExpand
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Bone Healing in Transverse Maxillary Defects with Different Surgical Procedures Using Anorganic Bovine Bone in Humans
La reabsorcion centripeta del maxilar es un proceso continuo despues de la perdida dentaria. Para el tratamiento de sitios oseos deficientes, se pueden utilizar injertos de hueso autologo; comoExpand
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Accuracy of Navigation-Guided Dental Implant Placement with Screw Versus Hand Template Fixation in the Edentulous Mandible.
PURPOSE Preoperative planning of the implant position as part of a coordinated prosthetic and surgical concept is becoming increasingly important regarding function and esthetics. The aim of thisExpand
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Support Immersion Endoscopy in Post-Extraction Alveolar Bone Chambers: A New Window for Microscopic Bone Imaging In Vivo
Using an endoscopic approach, small intraoral bone chambers, which are routinely obtained during tooth extraction and implantation, provide visual in vivo access to internal bone structures. The aimExpand
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Regeneración ósea guiada: microfijación de membranas reabsorbibles en tibia de conejo
Se estudio la regeneracion osea guiada en tibia de conejo utilizando membranas de copolimero de PLA/PGA. Se realizaron osteotomias a nivel de metafisis proximal tibial y algunas membranas fueronExpand