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Bedeutung der elektromagnetischen Artikulographie bei der Untersuchung der motorischen Zungenfunktion im Rahmen kieferorthopädischer Diagnostik
Electromagnetic articulography (EMA) makes it possible to track movements of the tongue using the principle of inductive distance measurement using a helmet made of light but robust acrylic material and a carrier for three transmitter coils.
Elektromagnetische Artikulographie: Eine neue Methode zur Untersuchung von Bewegungsfunktionen des Gaumensegels
Abstract The observation of articulatory movements, particularly of velar movements, is of considerable theoretical and practical interest in evaluating the velopharyngeal function of the cleft
Untersuchungen zur Motorik der Zungenspitze bei der Bildung dentoalveolärer Konsonanten
Electromagnetic articulography, a new tool for the study of articulatory movements, was used for the examination of apical tongue dorsum movements during the production of repeated VCV sequences. In
Erste Ergebnisse zum Training der suprahyoidalen Muskulatur bei Probanden und einem Patienten mit obstruktiver Schlafapnoe
The daytime electrostimulation seemed to prevent the nocturnal collapse of the tongue into the hypopharyngeal airway and thus may indicate that this method may be suitable to prevent apnea.
Evaluation der B-Scan-Sonographie, 3D-Sonographie, Röntgendiagnostik und Sinuskopie zur Kontrolle der Kieferhöhle nach Sinusbodenelevation
The aim of this study was to determine which technique – B-scan sonography, 3D sonographie, X-ray, or endoscopy – is the most effective for diagnosis in changes of the maxillary sinus after sinus lift and simultaneous augmentation.
Röntgenologische, endoskopische und sonographische Beurteilung der Kieferhöhle nach Sinuslift und simultaner Implantatinsertion
X-ray, ultrasound, and endoscopy were used in follow-up after sinus floor augmentation in 63 patients, and Sinusitis occurred in three patients and was due to migration of bone chips in two of these.