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The Reservoir model and architecture for open federated cloud computing
The emerging cloud-computing paradigm is rapidly gaining momentum as an alternative to traditional IT (information technology). However, contemporary cloud-computing offerings are primarily targetedExpand
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Software engineering and middleware: a roadmap
The construction of a large class of distributed systems can be simplified by leveraging middleware, which is layered between network operating systems and application components. Middleware resolvesExpand
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Software architecture definition for on-demand cloud provisioning
Cloud computing is a promising paradigm for the provisioning of IT services. Cloud computing infrastructures, such as those offered by the RESERVOIR project, aim to facilitate the deployment,Expand
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Evaluating software architectures: development, stability, and evolution
Summary form only given. We survey seminal work on software architecture evaluation methods. We then look at an emerging class of methods that explicates evaluating software architectures forExpand
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Applying ArchOptions to value the payoff of refactoring
ArchOptions is a real-options based model that we have pro-posed to value the flexibility of software architectures in response to future changes in requirements. In this paper, we build onExpand
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Component technologies: Java beans, COM, CORBA, RMI, EJB and the CORBA component model
  • W. Emmerich, N. Kaveh
  • Computer Science
  • Proceedings of the 24th International Conference…
  • 19 May 2002
This paper is aimed at software engineering practitioners and researchers, who are familiar with object-oriented analysis, design and programming and want to obtain an overview of the technologiesExpand
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ArchOptions: A Real Options-Based Model for Predicting the Stability of Software Architectures
Architectural stability refers to the extent an architecture is flexible to endure evolutionary changes in stakeholders\' requirements and the environment. We assume that the primary goal of softwareExpand
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Standards compliant software development
Software engineering standards determine practices that `compliant' software processes shall follow. Standards generally define practices in terms of constraints that must hold for documents. TheExpand
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Information Management in Process-Centered Software Engineering Environments
Process-centered software engineering environments (PSEEs) generate and maintain a significant amount of information in their support of large-scale software development. Their architecturesExpand
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Viewpoints 96: international workshop on multiple perspectives in software development (SIGSOFT 96) workshop report
This report has been compiled by the workshop organisers. We have attempted to be fair and unbiased but probably failed! A short report cannot do justice to the discussion. You are best off readingExpand
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